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  • Tire lever

    Tire lever

    Indispensable tool when changing tires. Features: - forged steel construction won't bend or break - spoon shape prevents tube from getting pinched - 9.44" long Color: Silver

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  • Fan Fan

    Fan for GasGas/ Scorpa/ Sherco

    High quality electronic fan as mounted on several trials motorcycles. Features: OEM product high performance waterproof to IP66 Bike: Gas Gas Pro 2014, Gas Gas Racing/Raga/Factory 13-15, Scorpa SR/Twenty 11-15, Sherco 99-15...

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  • Front sprocket Sherco Front sprocket Sherco

    Front sprocket Sherco

    All Jitsie countershaft sprockets are made of superior quality case hardened alloy steel for extreme strength and wear resistance. Minimum tolerances combined with the proven tooth profile guarantee superior quality and performance.Features: case...

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  • Chain block race black Chain block race red

    Chain block race

    The Jitsie Race chain block has an angle on the front side to avoid hitting rocks and obstacles. That way there's less chance of the chain block getting damaged or the chain guide being bent while riding. Features:   made from strong durable...

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  • Kit slow jets keihin carburetor

    Kit slow jets keihin carburetor

    One of those must have items for any trials dealership or serious trials rider. A full kit of slow jets to perfectly set up the mixture from idle to around half throttle. Features: kit consists of Keihin slow jets OEM quality jets Fits Keihin...

  • Front fork protectors Paioli/Showa/Tech (JI112-0132N)

    Front fork protectors Paioli/Showa/Tech

    The Jitsie short fork protectors prevent the fork bottom legs from getting scratched or damaged during a crash. Features: made of strong plastic with a nice carbon look finish perfectly fit on 38-39mm Paioli, Showa and Tech trials front forks easy...

  • Iris Chain 520 RXL , 102 links Iris Chain 520 RXL , 102 links

    Chain 520 RXL

    The Iris RXL trials chain is a great quality lightweight chain that has been developed with direct input of the Gas Gas and Montesa factory teams. The Iris RXL trials chain features: low weight thanks to minimal design great resistance to wear and...

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  • TR1AL Alloy handlebar ends blue TR1AL Alloy handlebar ends red

    TR1AL Alloy handlebar ends

    The Tr1al handlebar end plugs protect your grip ends and throttle in case of a crash. Suitable for most trials handlebars on the market and easy to install with an Allen key. Available in blue, red and black. Size: 14mm - 17mm

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  • Jitsie snail cams 17mm blue Jitsie snail cams 17mm red

    Jitsie snail cams 17mm

    Bike: Beta Evo 00-18, Gas Gas TXT/Pro 96-06, Montesa 315/4RT 97-18, Scorpa Twenty 15-18, Sherco 01-18, Vertigo Combat 16-18 Size: 17mm Available in blue, black, red and green. The Jitsie snail cams have a slightly larger outer diameter than OEM...

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