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Kid's gear

Real trials gear for the young trials riders. Jerseys, jackets, helmets and pants.

  • Kid Jitsie K3 Triztan Pant Red Kid Pant K3 Triztan Red

    Kid - Pant K3 Triztan

    The Jitsie K3 kid pant features top quality materials and a modern active fit to ensure performance, durability and ventilation.Features:* lightweight stretch fabrics for optimal comfort and fit* extra yoke stretch panel for a secure fit* no padding in...

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  • Kid Jersey K3 Triztan Red Kid - Jersey K3 Triztan

    Kid - Jersey K3 Triztan

    The Jitsie K3 jersey is a lightweight polyester jersey with all features expected from a modern trials jersey.Features:* polyester moisture wicking stretch fabrics* perforated fabric on rear back panel* minimal V-neck* stretch cuffs on sleeve...

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