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Throttle cables

Aftermarket throttle cable for your Beta, GasGas, Sherco, Scorpa or Montesa.

  • Throttle cable - Beta EVO 4T, 09 - 17

    Throttle cable - Beta EVO 4T

    The Jitsie throttle cable has a Teflon coating inside the cable housing, in order to eliminate possible friction. It results in an unmatched throttle feeling. Features:- Teflon coating for minimal friction - throttle play adjuster on top of the cable -...

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  • Throttle cable with tensioner Throttle cable with tensioner

    Throttle cable with tensioner - Race

    The Jitsie throttle cable with easy-to-use cable tensioner is a great choice to upgrade the throttle cable on your bike. Features: - high quality thin steel wire with minimal friction - super light throttle feel -no tools needed to use the throttle...

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