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Find the trials handlebar to suit you and your riding style.

  • Handlebar Riser

    Handlebar Riser Kit

    The Jitsie handlebar rise kit is developed for the taller riders who struggle to find a comfortable position on their bike.Features:* works with oversized 28.6mm handlebars (Jitsie Handlebar Fatbar 28.6mm)* kit comes with aluminum risers and bolts...

  • Handlebar 22.2mm 6.0 Handlebar 22.2mm 6.0

    Handlebar 22.2mm 6.0

    The Jitsie standard 22.2mm handlebar is a solid choice when opting for a better setup on your bike. Features: - high quality aerospace aluminum construction - polished throttle side for less friction - knurled clutch side for extra grip - laser marked...

  • Handlebar Fatbar (REHB673-01) Handlebar Fatbar (REHB673-01)

    Handlebar Fatbar

    The Renthal® Fatbar® is the market leading unbraced handlebar featuring a tapered wall profile which enables the clamping diameter (1-1/8" | 28.6mm) to be larger than the control ends (7/8" | 22.2mm). Strength for the handlebar is created within...

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  • JIHB28-4.5 Black Handlebar 28.6mm JIHB28-5.0N Black Handlebar  28.6mm

    Handlebar 28.6mm

    The Jitsie 28.6mm oversized handlebar offers a great combination of strength and flexibility to give you the confidence and comfort you need on your bike. Features: high quality aerospace aluminium construction matt anodised finish with Jitsie...

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