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If you're looking for high quality lubricants to service your trials bike, we've got you covered with our selection of oils, grease, fluids and sprays to clean and protect your engine, brakes and chain. Enhance the look of your bike and improve its performance with our range of products from Maxima and Global Racing Oil.

  • GCC Premixed Coolant Long Time

    GCC Premixed Coolant Long Time - 1L

    100% organic coolant, antifreeze, all weather, specially formulated to be used in any type of refrigeration circuit, both sealed (CC) and open. GLOBAL RACING OIL GCC 50% LONG TIME is a full organic coolant, specially formulated for closed and open...

  • Brake Fluid DOT-4 synthetic fluid for brake systems

    Brake Fluid DOT-4

    Synthetic fluid for brake systems. Synthetic fluid for disc or drum brake systems and clutch controls. Particularly recommended for motorcycles, because of its high boiling point. GLOBAL RACING OIL BRAKE FLUID DOT-4 is a synthetic fluid for brake...

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  • Ultra-5 mineral brake and clutch fluid

    Ultra-5 Mineral brake and clutch fluid

    Mineral brake and clutch fluid. High performance mineral fluid with paraffinic bases for the clutch circuit of motorbikes. It is highly compatible with seals preventing deformation leading to the possibility of leakage and failure. Ultra 5 is especially...

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  • Global wash shampoo

    Global Wash Shampoo

    GLOBAL WASH SHAMPOO is a liquid detergent which can be applied directly and allows the easy removal of any type of dirt from all the parts of the vehicle. Its high capacity of cleaning allows maintenance of a perfect cleanness without too much effort,...

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  • Fork Fluid

    Fork Fluid 5W

    GLOBAL RACING OIL FORK FLUID is a synthetic fork lubricant specially designed to meet the requirements of the modern suspension systems. The exclusive additive provides effective seal protection, extends service life and reduces outflows. FORK FLUID does...

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  • Performance 2T

    Performance 2T

    PERFORMANCE 2T is a 100% synthetic ester-based lubricant, specially developed for Competition, Off-road, MX, Enduro and Trial engines. Its special formulation guarantees maximum protection in severe racing conditions, ensuring clean combustion and lower...

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  • Maxima racing fork fluid 5W 1 Liter

    Maxima Racing Fork Fluid 5W 1 Liter

    Racing fork fluid Zero drag fluid is the latest anti-frictional fork oil. Contains rust and corrosion inhibitors with anti-foam and oxidation stabilizers. May be used in standard or cartridge forks.

  • Maxima Formula K2 Premix oil 1 Liter (78-9832)

    Maxima Formula K2 Premix oil 1 Liter

    100% synthetic ester very high performance lubricant. Special adhesives reduce power valve maintenance. Additive package to prevent rust and oxidation, ring sticking and carbon build-up.

  • Maxima waterproof grease 16oz 78-9948

    Maxima Waterproof Grease 16oz

    Waterproof Grease Excellent resistence to water wash-out Smooth texture is ideal for sealing air filters Hi-temp formula approved for use in disc brake applications