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Get maximum performance from your trials bike by carefully adjusting your carburetor. Get the right tools and parts here.

  • Carb adjustor - silver Carb adjustor - silver

    KEIHIN Trial S3 Carb adjuster Kit

    KEIHIN Trial S3 Carb adjuster Kit for all trials bike models! Composition:• Aluminium screws• Stainless steel springsFeatures:•Micrometric adjustment• Suitable for Keihin carbsThe kid includes:• 1 Air mix screw• 1...

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  • Fuel filter

    Fuel filter

    Stainless mesh in-line fuel filter for fuel hoses and flexible lines. A good replacement for the original filter. Features: - suitable for 6mm fuel hoses Color: Transparent

  • Kit slow jets keihin carburetor

    Kit slow jets keihin carburetor

    One of those must have items for any trials dealership or serious trials rider. A full kit of slow jets to perfectly set up the mixture from idle to around half throttle. Features: kit consists of Keihin slow jets OEM quality jets Fits Keihin...