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Experience and passion define the basis of the Vertigo brand. 

Vertigo has arisen from the strong desire to drive the evolution of Trial bikes to a new level. 

Vertigo grew from the idea of creating a bike to match the passion that existed within the team. The project was born with no restrictions or limits, nothing was beyond reach to ensure that the absolute goal was realized. To achieve the best, you must have the best resources. Vertigo combined the best technical team, the best designers, the best riders, the most enthusiastic end users and the best professionals in each and every department. Although their skills were diverse, they shared the same experience and passion. 

Vertigo sought the best in design, technology, innovation and research in pursuit of excellence. 

Equally important, the Vertigo dream is to deliver a different experience, building a community of customers and friends, where together we can share and enjoy the common passion that exists. The Vertigo Club will offer the unique opportunity for customers to ride and train in an exclusive members only private practice area, reserved for you and other Vertigo riders. 

The Vertigo dream, passion and experience have been at the heart of our inspiration, initially, now and always.



  • Used 2017 Vertigo Combat Titanium 300 Used 2017 Vertigo Combat Titanium 300

    Used 2017 Vertigo Combat Titanium 300

    Very nice used 2017 Vertigo Combat Titanium 300 two-stroke trials bike with Fuel Injection. This bike has extremely low hours, as visible on the wear of the original tires. Bike has some minor scratches, but is in flawless mechanical condition...

  • 2023 Vertigo Nitro Works 2023 Vertigo Nitro Works

    2023 Vertigo Nitro Works

    Vertigo is proud to present the 2023 Nitro Max the model has the clear reference for innovation, technology and performance in the trials world. Available in a wide range of engine sizes, 125cc, 225cc, 250cc, 280cc and 300cc, there is a Nitro...