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  • Bike stand, black, front Bike stand, black, side

    Bike stand

    Handy bike support stand suitable for all trials motorcycles. Indispensable in any showroom, paddock or garage!  Easy to assemble. Color: Black

  • Sherco/ scorpa spark arrestor insert front, blue Sherco/ scorpa spark arrestor insert back, blue

    Sherco/ Scorpa spark arrestor insert

    Spanish Fly Spark Arrestor Insert for Sherco/ Scorpa bikes. Designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to install. Fits bikes: Sherco 2014+, Scorpa 2015+ Easy to install: Fits inside existing silencer cap. A file or sandpaper may also be required to...

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  • Snap on trials number plate front, white Snap on trials number plate back, white

    Snap-on number plate

    Durable, snap-on number plate. No zip-ties necessary. Fits all modern trials bikes. Available in white or red.

  • Flywheel puller for Beta 00-14/ Scorpa 15-16 / Sherco 01-16

    Flywheel puller for Beta/ Scorpa/ Sherco

    Indispensable part of any workshop, which will make life easier if you have a problem with your flywheel or stator plate! Features: made from stainless steel ideal when replacing the stator plate or rebuilding your engine Bike: Beta Rev/Evo...

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  • JI514-0202 Jitsie protector exhaust pipe for Sherco/Scorpa JI514-0202 Jitsie protector exhaust pipe for Sherco/Scorpa

    Protector exhaust pipe

    The Jitsie carbon fiber exhaust guard is a must have product to extend the lifespan of your expensive exhaust pipe. As a bonus (!), it also prevents you ruining your trials pants or burning yourself on the hot pipe! Features: high quality carbon...

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  • Air filter for Sherco 01 - 09 (JI503-999)

    Air filter for Sherco

    The Jitsie air filter is manufactured with the highest quality bonded dual-layer foam available for maximum airflow and engine protection. Features: exclusive extra wide foam-rubber base for a waterproof and airtight fit constructed with larger...

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    Tie downs for bike transportation

    Color: Black Sold per pair.   Transport your bike safely with the durable strong Jitsie tie downs. Features: extra loop to secure the handlebar avoids scratches rubber coated steel hooks supplied per pair suitable for motorcycles and...