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Global Racing Oil

  • Brake Fluid DOT-4 synthetic fluid for brake systems

    Brake Fluid DOT-4

    Synthetic fluid for brake systems. Synthetic fluid for disc or drum brake systems and clutch controls. Particularly recommended for motorcycles, because of its high boiling point. GLOBAL...

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  • Fork Fluid

    Fork Fluid 5W

    GLOBAL RACING OIL FORK FLUID is a synthetic fork lubricant specially designed to meet the requirements of the modern suspension systems. The exclusive additive provides effective seal protection,...

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  • Gear Extrem® 75W

    Gear Extrem® 75W

    GLOBAL RACING OIL GEAR EXTREM 75W is 100% synthetic, designed for high performance in extreme tear and wear and high temperature conditions. Its increased capacity of Lubrication, its EP properties...

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  • Global wash shampoo

    Global Wash Shampoo

    GLOBAL WASH SHAMPOO is a liquid detergent which can be applied directly and allows the easy removal of any type of dirt from all the parts of the vehicle. Its high capacity of cleaning allows...

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  • Performance 2T

    Performance 2T

    PERFORMANCE 2T is a 100% synthetic ester-based lubricant, specially developed for Competition, Off-road, MX, Enduro and Trial engines. Its special formulation guarantees maximum protection in severe...

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